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'How can I improve my practice as a superintendent of schools and create my own living educational theory?': Jackie Delong



Framing the Thesis

Understanding the Personal, Professional, Economic, and Political Context

How can I help you get close to the lived experience?

What is a typical week in my life as superintendent?
Meaningful work
The impact of market forces in Ontario
Background and context of being a superintendent in 1995-2002
The transition from Brant To Grand Erie
Creating the new Grand Erie District School Board
The Trustees of the Board of Education

The world of the trustees during amalgamation

Administrative Council

My relationship with the director

The forms and activities of Administrative Council

Policy Development

Understanding My Valuing of the other

A) Two Studies of Singularity

A case study or study of singularity approach

Investigating the nature of my educative influence

Working With Greg and Cheryl

My Work With Greg Buckles, Principal

Cheryl Black, Teacher/Vice-Principal

How did our relationship come about?

Cheryl and her first action research project

Next Steps and Validation

Cheryl: Network Leader and Year Two Researcher
Cheryl and Jackie: Co-Researchers
Story of Grand Erie Action Research Networks
Taking the Reins
What does sustained support look like?
Stories of Ruin
Cheryl As Experienced Researcher and Vice-Principal
Standards of Practice As Linguistic Checklists
Can the OCT Standards of Practice be used to assess Cheryl's life as teacher and researcher?
Can the OCT Standards of Practice be used to assess Jackie's work as an educational leader?
Improving Student Learning: We walk together in this.
My Educative Influence in Stories of Greg and Cheryl
B) Families of Schools
The structure of a family of schools
The Pauline Johnson Family of Schools
The Delhi, Simcoe, Sprucedale, Valley Heights, Grand Erie Learning Alternatives (GELA) Family of Schools (JDFOS)
My relationship with a parent
Some extenuating circumstances
What were my feelings and reflections?
What is my role as teacher advocate?
Part A: Mobilizing Systems to Enhance Teachers' Research-Based Professionalism In Improving Student Learning

Community Relations and Parental/Community Involvement

Career Education

Career Education and Assessment

How Do I Mobilize Systems to Work for and Support People?

How Did I Learn about Systems?

How has my postmodernist attitude affected my systems knowing?

How do my Connections Support Mobilizing Systems?
How transferable is systems knowing?
Part B: Sustaining Support for Inquiry
Why did action research resonate with me?
How did we get started in action research in Brant County?
York Region Leadership in Action Research Award (OERC)
The Growth of the Action Research Supports, 1997-2001

A Brief Overview

The Networks: Brant Action Research Network (BARN), Cayuga Action Research (CAR) and Simcoe Action Research Team (SART)
Simcoe Support Action Research Network (SSARN) and Covey Action Research Team (CART)
Voices of Principals

I. Act Reflect Revise, 1997-2001

II. Ontario Educational Research Council Conference, (OERC), 1997-2001
III. International Conference on Teacher Research

I. Ontario Association on Supervision and Curriculum Development (Ont. ASCD)

II. Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)
How have I integrated a culture of inquiry and reflection into the systems of the board?
Compensatory Education
Staff Development and Leadership Programs
Curriculum and Assessment
Teacher and Principal Performance Reviews
Publications of Practitioners' Research
1. Ont. ASCD "Curriculum Directions" and Newsletter
2. Act Reflect Revise Revitalize!
3. The Action Research Kit: Action Research: School Improvement Through Research-Based Professionalism
4. Ontario Action Researcher (OAR)
5. An Action Research Approach to Improving Student Learning Using Provincial Test Results
6. Passion For Professional Practice: Action Research in Grand Erie District School Board. (2001)
Accreditation: Brock-GEDSB Masters Program
Where did the vision for the program begin?
How did we create the program?
What were the organizational issues?
What problems arose with the ethical review process?
What co-ordination and power issues arose?
How did the students evaluate the masters cohort program?
How did it go and where to next?
How am I educating social formations?

Working with Maria

Staff Development and Leadership Programs

Integrating the Literature On Leadership into My Practice

What I've Learned about Leadership in This Role

Fitting Myself Into A Leadership Model

The Influence of the Feminist Literature

Working to Reduce Hierarchies

Living Life As Job Training

Combining the Personal and the Professional

Sending That Message of Faith In the Other

Why is There No Simple (or Even Complex) Answer to the Question 'What is Educational Leadership?'

CHAPTER FIVE: A Methodolgy of Meaning Making

Why Did I Choose This Action Research Process?

What approaches did I use to conduct my research?

Analysis and Synthesis of an Extensive Data Collection

Writing, Sharing and Rewriting

Learning through the writing process

Giving the thesis a form

Photos and video in image-based research

Dialogic research and voice

Becoming a practitioner-scholar

How have I validated my claims to know?

The description and explanation of my embodied knowledge

The voices of the people in my life

The voices from the literature

External assessment

Established academic criteria

Public presentation and accountability



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