How To Remove Spyware and Adware


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Removing Spyware and Adware


The first thing in removing spyware and adware is to get a spyware and adware removing program. Each program that I will show you, can remove both adware and spyware.

I will show you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the programs to remove spyware and adware. It's a good idea to have more than one anti-spyware and anti-adware program. Also make sure you keep you anti-spyware and adware programs up-to-date.

The first program that I will show you is Spybot Search & Destory. This program is available for free at
Once you have downloaded, installed, and opened Spybot Search & Destory, you want to click Check For Problems.Click image to enlarge.

Spybot Search and Destory - Check For Problems
Spybot Search & Destory - Main Window

Spybot Search and Destroy - Checking for Problems
Spybot Search and Destory - Checking For Problems

Spybot Search and Destroy - Removing Items
Check the box for which item you would like to remove, then click Fix selected problems, and then click Yes.

The next program I am going to tell you about is Ad-Adware, and is available for free at
Once you have downloaded, installed, and opened Ad-Aware, you want to click the Start button. Click image to enlarge.

Ad-Aware Main Window
To start the scan click Start

Ad-Aware Select Scan Option
Make sure you have selected Preform smart system scan, and then click Next

Ad-Aware - Scan Complete
Once the scan is complete click Next

Ad-Aware - Spyware and Adware Almost Gone
Check all boxes, then click Next, and that's it.

The final program I will show you, and also one you should have is Microsoft's Anti-spyware, which is available at

Microsoft AntiSpyware - Main Window
To start the scan click Run Quick Scan Now

Microsoft AntiSpyware - Scaning
Wait while it scans your computer.

Microsoft AntiSpyware - Summary
It will then display a summary

Microsoft AntiSpyware - Remove Spyware and Adware
Click Remove, and then click Continue.

Microsoft AntiSpyware - Finally It's all Gone!!!!!!
Now click Yes, and your all done.

Congratulations, you have gotten ride all all the spyware and adware on your computer. Remember to update the software by clicking Update, also run your anti-spyware programs atleast once a week.